Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mobile apps for building a pool deck?

Well, I haven't found anything specific in the Apple store yet. But there are some apps that you might find useful.

1. DIY Chat Room -- a social networking app that lets you chat and ask questions with other DIY builders.

2. DIY Tool Box

3. Ugly Pools -- an iPhone app that offers tips on how to care for your swimming pool.

I haven't used these apps yet and I make no claims on their function or reliability. These are apps I stumbled across while browsing Apple's app store today. If you've gone mobile it's probably a good idea to see what other decking or DIY apps are out there.

Speaking of mobile, the free eBook
"How to Build a Pool Deck" looks great in iBooks!

Enjoy your pool!

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Kathy McKeon eportfolio said...

I didn't know I-phones can now help you clean your pool! Pools are extremely popular here in South Africa. Some people are turned off by the maintenance but they're worth it - especially if you add a nice deck around them! Thanks for sharing!