Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Add More Beauty to Your Backyard with Roses

Your above ground pool and deck will be great additions to your backyard. But as you know there is a lot more to your backyard than just a swimming pool.

A lot of you probably have roses growing in the backyard or old rose bushes that look like they're beyond help and not worth the time it takes to care for them. But what if I told you that caring for your roses is actually easier than you might think?

That said, some of you might have beautiful roses already and would like to learn more about how to maintain healthy rose plants or encourage repeat blooms. But you're unsure of how to do it. And what if I told you there was a new info product available from us that showed you how to do it?

And it was simple and easy-to-understand? No rose snobbery.

Would that be something that interested you?

That's why that I'm announcing the launch of our newest home and garden themed website: "Be Happy with Your Roses".

The first thing we're going to show you is how to prune your roses so you maintain healthy roses and encourage healthier blooms year in and year out. Think of how that will compliment your above ground pool deck!

Whether it's rose plants in your soil or containers resting on your pool deck, these easy-to-understand steps will give you a lot of confidence and have you set up to grow beautiful roses when it's time for them to bloom in your climate zone each year.

And we don't plan on stopping with rose pruning! We're going to produce additional rose and flower information in the future.

Click on this link to check it out now...

When and How to Prune Your Roses

As always, enjoy your pool and backyard!

Best regards,

Paul Ottaviano

P.S. - Also, check out our rose care tips blog A Nose for Roses. We've been busy with the website so the last post is about a month old... but we're going to be adding a lot more to it now! So if you enjoy the pool blog and you're interested in how to take care of your roses, I think you'll like our rose blog too.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Upcoming Home & Garden Shows

Thanks to the newsletter for the heads up.

February 2009 Home & Garden Show Schedule

Feb 6 - 8:
  • Kansas City Lawn, Garden, Remodel, Redecorating Show at Kemper Arena
  • 17th Annual North Florida Home Show at Leon County Civic Center, Tallahassee FL
  • Home Improvement & Backyard Living Expo at South Point Events Center, Las Vegas NV
  • 6th Annual Columbus Home Improvement Show at Ohio Franklin County Veterans Memorial
Feb 7 - 8:
  • Maine Home, Remodeling, & Garden Show at Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland ME
Feb 12 - 15:
  • Des Moines Home & Garden Show at Celebrity Designs Iowa Events Center
Feb 18 - 22:
  • Portland Home & Garden Show at Portland Expo Center, Portland OR
Feb 27 - Mar 8
  • 28th Annual Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show at DL Lawrence Convention Center
As always, enjoy your pool and backyard!


Paul Ottaviano
DIY Above Ground Pool Deck