Monday, November 15, 2010

Your Pool Deck: Private retreat or play area?

This was the second of the newsletter.

Today I'll show you some key considerations you'll need to think about as you decide how your above ground pool deck will be used.

When thinking about what you would like your above ground pool deck to be, it's best to decide what your primary intended use is.

Of course you're going to swim. But...

1. Will your above ground pool deck be a private retreat?

2. Will it be used for entertaining neighbors and friends at a party?

3. Will the deck be a safe place for your kids to play in and around the pool?

These types of intended use questions will be very influential in helping you make decisions during your deck planning stages.

For instance, it wouldn't make a lot of sense for you to build a lot of privacy screens, fences, and grow tall trees if you want to be the envy of your neighbors and have them over for parties. But it would make sense to have those features if your primarily wanted your pool deck to be a quiet place for private family gatherings or personal relaxation.

Here are a couple of key elements to include in your planning as you evaluate your personal needs and then compare those with the natural landscape of your backyard.

1. Make Room for Foot Traffic

Remember to add space for walking paths if your deck will be between your house and other items in your backyard, i.e. trees, storage, etc.

2. Preserve Picturesque Views

If your yard has a beautiful view or natural elements worthy of being a focal point don't block them.

Plan so your above ground pool deck naturally invites people to admire that view by placing furniture in that direction. Use decking that will have lines leading guests to your focal point of choice.

Good luck and enjoy your pool!

Best regards,

Paul Ottaviano - How to build a deck around your pool