Tuesday, March 6, 2012

iOS Applications

There are couple of free iOS mobile applications that might you find useful for landscaping and decking.

One is Green Garden by the Aquarium of the Pacific. This lets you visually plan a garden. It gives you more than several ground covers, shrubs, flowers, and trees to choose from. Using the touch feature of your iPad or iPhone you can add or remove a digital representation of the plant easily. Each plant listed comes with a description and a link to its Wiki page. When you feel satisfied with a design you can simply save it to your iOS camera roll.

The decking related app is called Deck Visualizer. It's not a above ground pool deck app, but it's free and somewhat useful because it gives you a good picture of what different decking colors and styles will look like. The best thing about it is that you can upload a picture of your home or backyard, which gives you a quick visual preview of your future deck in a real setting. It could be useful during your above ground pool deck planning phase.

As always, enjoy your pool.


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