Friday, February 22, 2008

DIY Pool Deck Kit

If you're not too worried about the aesthetics of your above ground pool deck and you just want something very "simple but nice" then a pool deck kit might be the right thing for you.

To simplify your task as much as possible, you can buy a DIY pool deck kit. DIY pool deck kits are ideal as they ship with everything from the concrete pier blocks, to the foundation planks.

In addition, computer savvy users can also access state of the art deck building plans online and download detailed building plans from the DIY pool deck kit manufacturer’s website.

The best part about floating foundation based above ground pool decks is that they require no more than two days to build, and DIY pool deck kits are a cost effective means of building a pool deck.

What is equally impressive about above ground pool deck kits is that the entire installation procedure can be completed for less than $3000.

The Installation

The first step in setting up any DIY pool deck kit is creating the floating foundation by laying down the concrete blocks. Remember, the concrete blocks have to be laid down on level ground and they should be spaced apart as per the construction plans.

Once the concrete blocks are laid down, the foundation is laid down using radiating perpendicular planks that act as the base for the foundation.

Since the support planks are installed at a height above the ground, the concrete blocks provide added resistance to weather conditions. In addition, you will also have to install diagonal braces to strengthen the foundation.

Once the foundation is ready, the next step is installing the deck floor. The deck floor has to be level; as a matter of fact, one of the most important aspects of building an above ground pool deck is making sure the entire structure is level.

Most DIY pool deck kits come with a level that allows the builder to not just construct the deck on an even level, but also allow a person to install all the balusters perpendicular to the deck floor. The railing will only be strong if the balusters are perpendicular to the deck floor.

A vital part of building an above ground pool deck is choosing the deck boards. The deck boards should be made from high quality pressurized lumber and depending on your deck plan should be parallel to each other.

Experienced builders agree that building an above ground pool deck is a simple and hassle free task provided the builder has the right equipment and plans. If you are planning on building an above ground pool deck, make sure you get the plan approved by the local building authority before starting any construction.

That said, if a pool deck kit is too simple or generic for you and you want to create an above ground pool deck that looks fantastic and is a reflection of your style - or your family's style - then a pool deck kit probably isn't the right thing for you.

Learn more about how to build an above ground pool deck.

Enjoy your pool!

Best Regards,

Paul Ottaviano

Thursday, February 14, 2008

How to Build a Deck Step by Step

Many people with an oval above ground pool choose to build a deck around the pool, instead of letting it get too complicated with dynamic multi-level designs. If you live in an area where the seasons change quickly then it's reasonable that you'll want to build quickly and this type of wood pool deck may be the one for you.

Or if your main motivation for the above ground pool deck is simply to give your kids a safe place to play then building a deck around the pool is a great choice.

Here are the general steps you'll want to take...

1. Planning - Take some time and study your backyard. Check for slopes, figure out where the utility lines are, learn about your local building codes, know which materials and tools you'll need to buy or rent, et al... and then start visualizing how your deck will look.

2. Plans to Paper - Start putting everything down on paper, so when it's time to build your memory will serve you right and you'll build the above ground pool deck you visualized. This is where you'll do everything from base maps to master plans. If you think it's necessary, use deck plan software.

*Make sure your above ground pool deck plans are approved by your local building inspector before you start building.

3. Building a Pool Deck Step by Step - Here is where you'll build a deck around your pool one step at a time. It's a good idea to know before you begin each step of construction which tools or materials you'll really need and how long that phase of construction will take. This will help you decide if you can go 100% DIY on each step or if you'll need to hire some help for a specific task.

4. Finish - Once your above ground pool deck is built you'll likely want to finish it by staining or painting it. Make sure that you use a finish that will be compatible with your local climate. Choosing the right lumber before you start construction can help you with that too. If you use untreated lumber make sure you apply sealer unless you have lumber that is naturally resistant to rot. Applying sealer before you start building can be a good idea.

5. Decoration - I doubt that you'll want just a plain and boring looking deck around your pool. So jazz it up some with decorations and add a touch of your personal style while you're at it. Deck furniture can create a nice focal point by themselves or consider a small fountain that can fit easily on your above ground pool deck... use plants... or build a deck bench... the possibilities are great here!

Remember, when you're building a deck around a pool you're not just making an investment into your home but you're also investing in your happiness. Have fun with it!

Paul Ottaviano

More step by step pool deck info here.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Building a Deck Around a Pool -- Quickly

If you're not looking to invest a ton into your above ground pool building project, or if you live in an area where your local climate changes drastically each season - like upstate NY, Canada, or the northeast USA for example - then the simplest and most efficient way of building a deck around a pool is to go with a wrap around design.

You might also want to go with a spacious sun deck that connects to your wrap around above ground pool deck. If you want to avoid digging then consider a floating foundation, but make sure you check with your local building inspector first before you begin building your above ground pool deck.

Remember that building a deck around a pool can be fun. But if you live in a place where typical winter weather prevents you from starting any DIY projects during that season then you'll want to work relatively quickly when spring or summer rolls around.

I'm sure you would rather enjoy your spring & summer swimming in your pool and enjoying your new pool deck, rather than building all summer long. A wrap around pool deck is the best option in this instance.

Best regards,

Paul Ottaviano
How to Build a Wrap Around Pool Deck

Friday, February 1, 2008

Building an Above Ground Pool Deck at Microwave Speed

OK. So it's not possible to build an above ground pool deck at fast food speed. But I've been thinking about how popular above ground pools are in places like upstate NY, where the seasonal weather changes almost demand that a pool deck be built relatively quickly.

Once the sun begins to show itself again and the snow begins to melt - and folks, I was born in Rochester NY and I remember the snow there - you'll have a limited amount of time to get your above ground pool deck up if you still want to be able to enjoy it during your summer swim season.

This applies to anyone in the world who lives in a climate that really experiences climate change from season to season.

In other words, you don't have time to mess around or surf the 'net all day looking for reliable information on how to build a pool deck. Yes, you want to plan a dream pool deck that suits your needs and personal style, and is compliant with codes. But at the end of the day you can't be paralyzed with analysis.

At some point you'll have to be decisive and just get a pool deck up so you can actually see your kids having fun splashing around the pool without you having to strain just to look over the above ground pool walls.

Who wants to start a project... either the planning or building... and then get stuck on something because information was limited or misunderstood and then the project is on hold until next year? I wouldn't want that and I doubt you do too.

What you need is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to help you plan and build your dream above ground pool deck, and QUICKLY... or at least quickly enough to beat the season and have enough time to enjoy your new pool deck during what's left of summer.

To do this you'll need to know just the essentials, just what you really need to get the job done right. Not an overabundance of information that leaves you scratching your head and on the verge of giving up... or a massive tools list that leads you back to your local home improvement store buying or renting tools you might not really need.

For those of you living in an area I described above you'll need "just the facts jack" instead of being "make a new plan Stan".

My thanks to a Paul Simon song for that last one liner quote... :)

Treat yourself,

Paul Ottaviano