Thursday, May 7, 2009

Create Your Own Wraparound Deck

I'm going to cover a familiar sounding theme but one that is crucial if you're going to build a solid deck around your above ground pool. And that is planning.

I'm sometimes asked to look at a persons pool deck plans and comment on the design. This is a difficult thing to do unless I'm looking at a persons backyard and learning more about what they really want out of the deck.

So I usually ask, "why are you building an above ground pool deck?"

The answer for many people, and perhaps this is true of yourself, is common...
  • You just want a simple deck that will make the yard and above ground pool look better.
  • You want a basic deck so you can watch your kids swim without having to stand on your toes.
In other words, many of you just a have a basic need for an above ground pool deck and you want it built relatively quickly so you can enjoy it during the summer, or at least before the summer is over.

If this describes you then I recommend you build a wraparound pool deck on a floating foundation.

This is a common deck that is regarded by many as the easiest to plan and build. It fits around most oval above ground pools and does not require digging for post holes.

It's the deck we use for the step-by-step construction chapter of our eBook How to Build a Pool Deck.

If simplicity is what you want, then a wraparound deck on a floating foundation is the one for you and it will look great too.

As always, enjoy your pool!


Paul Ottaviano