Friday, April 17, 2009

Time to Work On Your Pool Deck Plans

It's mid-April and we're quickly approaching that time of year when the weather will be accomdating to your above ground pool deck project.

If you've already decided on the key elements of your pool deck design... decking, railings, etc., then now is a good time to start putting your plans on paper.

You'll need pool deck plans drawn in order to get a permit from your local building department. If you don't know what is required visit your building department before drawing any plans.

You might also find sample deck plans at your local building department

Local building departments will sometimes refer to each required deck drawing using slightly different names. But there are generally four plans that you'll need to submit for approval.

1. The Site Plan or Site Map

2. The Plan View or Plan Drawing

3. Elevation Plan

4. The Master Plan or Detail Drawing

It may be best for you to go in that order. But, you may discover that drawing your plan view or elevation after drawing your master plan is the easier way to go.

Just make sure that you're giving the local building department what's required and that you have a workable, and safe, above ground pool deck blueprint before starting construction.

It's almost that time of year!

As always, enjoy your pool!


Paul Ottaviano

P.S. - Click on the link for more on above ground pool deck blueprints and plan drawings.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pool Deck Decoration Ideas

Some of you may already have above ground pool decks and are eagerly awaiting the fast approaching summer for a chance to use it.

That said, some of you may be building an above ground pool deck and you're planning on getting it done with enough time left this summer to enjoy it.

Either way, you'll likely want to add decorations to your pool deck that:

  • Reflects your personal style
  • Aesthetically blends with your home or indoor rooms
  • Makes your pool deck a place where people want to be
Let's take the first point, you spent a considerable amount of time and money when building a deck around your pool. Decorations that reflect your personal style - or represents your family's tastes - is like your signature. It will say a lot about you. So have fun with it and make it look good.

Here are just a couple ideas that I'll throw out there... but the only real limit is your imagination...
  • Do you collect antiques?
If so, maybe take some of your cheaper items that won't rust and include them around your pool deck for a nostalgic feel.
  • Are you a gardener?
Then consider adding some plants around the perimeter of the deck. Succulents could work for you... just be careful not to splash chlorinated pool water on any plants you might use.
  • Are you an outdoor enthusiast?
Remember, it's your personal style we're talking about here. Have fun with it.

That said, I'm not a landscape designer or art director. So I'll just suggest that you write down all the things that you and your family take great interest or passion in... then tinker and experiment with the details... and then go with what looks good and feels right to you.

Now let's take the second point from the first list above.

If you want a decoration that is compatible with your indoor rooms then find similar items for both places.

It's good to have your pool deck admired from the house and your home admired from your pool deck. If this is a priority for you, then compatibility and continuity in style for both places is important here.

One more thing to remember...

Any decorative item that you choose to include with your above ground pool deck must be safe and securely fastened or weighted down.

As always, enjoy your pool.


Paul Ottaviano
How to Build a Swimming Pool Deck