Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pool Deck Plans for Sale?

This week I received a call from a contractor who builds above ground pool decks for his clients. He asked if we had sample pool deck plans - or above ground pool deck blueprints - for sale.

He didn't need to learn how to build a pool deck. He just wanted some example plans he could show his clients. That way, he thought they would have an easier time deciding which pool deck design to go with.

Currently, our eBook "How to Build a Pool Deck" guides readers on how to make their own plans and references decking software they can use to make their own plans. Also, it educates people about planning so they can communicate more effectively with a contractor should they hire one.

Also, we've listed on our website an article I wrote about the basics of above ground pool deck blueprints.

That said, we don't have actual sample plans or blueprints for sale.

The reason for that is everybody has a different backyard. Some have many plants or trees, others don't. Some have obstacles or slopes that others don't. Some towns or counties have different building codes than others.

Since it's difficult for us to know what your backyard is like - or what a "standard" backyard is like - making up sample plans for sale didn't strike me as the responsible product offer.

We do have a PDF photo gallery of above ground pool decks at our website. But at this moment, no gallery of sample pool deck plans is available.

With that all said, I'm wondering what you think. How many of you are contractors or would like to see a gallery of sample pool deck plans? Is this something that you'll find helpful?

If you would like to let us know these things, please go to our contact page and send us an email.

Also, we have a survey link on our website home page where you can share your thoughts as well. You can get a free bonus eBook on decking lumber for taking the survey.

When you share the things you'll find helpful with us, that helps us create new products that you actually want and helps us improve existing content to your benefit.

As always, enjoy your pool!

Best regards,

Paul Ottaviano

Friday, July 18, 2008

Do-It-Yourself Fountain for your Pool Deck

By now many of you who are building a deck around your pool are likely almost finished... or already done.

If this is you, then pat yourself on the back for a job well done. But you can do more. And it won't be nearly as much work as the pool deck.

A do-it-yourself fountain can be built quickly in one afternoon. It will be an inexpensive way to add a refreshing new dynamic to your deck.

Also, it can be a focal point or used to cover up a knick or two left over from your above ground pool deck construction phase.

Essentials for a Basic Fountain

You'll really just need a bucket or plant container, submersible pump, metal conduit (if necessary), and a water tube long enough to reach from the fountain to the pump. You can also use rocks to hide the pump and make your fountain more pleasing to the eye.

For a fountain of this size, you'll likely just need a submersible pump that can recirculate up to fifty gallons. That pump will be plenty good enough.

We have more on this in our bonus to "How to Build a Pool Deck".

A fountain is something that is easy to do, inexpensive, and will give your pool deck a refreshing new appearance.

As always, enjoy your pool!

Best regards,

Paul Ottaviano
How to Build a Pool Deck

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Half-Way Through Deck Season

It looks as if we're now past the mid-point of above ground pool deck building season. No doubt many of you are close to starting a DIY pool deck project or perhaps you're in the middle of one.

If you want an above ground pool deck and you currently have the means, but you don't have one built yet... then I think now is a great time for you to get started!

Summer is full swing now. And the bizarre weather that many places had during late spring or June appears to be mellowing.

But before you know it, it will be post Labor Day. The kids will be back in school. The weather will be changing. And any outdoor home improvement project you were thinking of will likely get postponed until next year.

But why wait that long? This time of year is the perfect time to build your pool deck!

Best regards,

Paul Ottaviano