Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wood Stair Repair

My story today has nothing to do with a deck but is relevant to your pool deck project.

The stairway inside my home is about thirty years old. Its tread is lumber wrapped in carpet (poor excuse for tread) that are basically just attached to stringers. There is of course a run, but there is a space where the rise would be. A few steps in the middle of the staircase have started to loosen.

My staircase is an odd contraption. I doubt it's up to code now and I would be surprised if it was when built a long time ago.

There are no screws or metal step connectors connecting the tread. Instead, it just has a slim section of wood sticking out that fits into some kind of notch on the closed stringer. It looks like it was simply nailed in somehow... it's difficult to see because of the carpeting wrapped around the tread. Strange.

I'm currently in no mood to replace the whole staircase, although I suppose I'll have to do it eventually. But for now I decided to go with a band aid.

I fastened metal step connectors beneath the three suspect treads. It's not perfect, but when I walk or stand on them it does feel stronger compared to what it was before. This is temporary but it should get some extra mileage out of my stairs.

Remember, when you're building stairs for your above ground pool deck know the difference between a closed and open stringer. Closed stringers won't need a notch for the treads and you can use metal step connectors. Open stringers will need notches. Also, remember to use fasteners that are appropriate for treated outdoor lumber.


Paul Ottaviano - DIY Above Ground Pool Deck