Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pool Deck Care: Moss and Mildew

I'm up in Oregon again for the holidays and I'm experiencing some of the weather the area is famous for this time of year.

This weekend the forecast calls for very cold temperatures, slushy rain, and snow tomorrow. Also, this is happening when a contractor has gone to work adding new footings to our units foundation.

This process requires the contractor to get under our deck here and remove some of it for a new pier.

Since the deck has been taken apart in some sections - and since the weather has been very wet lately - I decided to look underneath some of the 2x4's.

Since the decking lumber is treated it looks OK now. The biggest concern, of course, is wet or dry rot. At the moment I haven't noticed any obvious problems with rot.

Another possible problem that you should be on the look out for is moss or mildew.

Moss is very common around here, especially this time of year because of the rain and lack of sunlight. It grows out of the pavement here!

So far I haven't noticed any on my deck. But that does not mean it cannot become a problem later on... winter is still in the early going.

Should You Be Alarmed If You Discover Mildew on Your Pool Deck?

I don't think you should be panicked by mildew. If you see the black slime commonly associated with mildew it likely won't cause any structural risk like rot does.

But mildew does look ugly and can smell bad. Similar to mildew in your bathtub, breathing this stuff can aggravate your respiratory system or allergies.

So it's always a good idea to clean the mildew off you above ground pool deck.

You can do this easily with bleach. Also, sweep you pool deck regularly so sunlight can be a natural drier.

What About Moss?

Moss isn't the emergency that rot is. But, like mildew, it's a good idea to remove it from your pool deck at your earliest opportunity.

The chemical solution used to remove moss is a very complex one, compared to the mildew solution. I suggest asking your local home and garden store for assistance on this one.

Or, consider hiring a deck cleaning service. Spending a little on a qualified service will definitely save you time and keep you from having to do a little dirty work, unless you really want to.

As always, enjoy your pool!


Paul Ottaviano
How to Build an Above Ground Pool Deck