Monday, August 17, 2009

Pool Decking Safety

I sometimes walk barefoot on my old deck. There haven't been many splinters to deal with, but there are a few popped up screws here or there to look out for. It happens as a deck ages.

This brings to mind some safety precautions you can take with your swimming pool deck.

When building a deck around your pool, remember that most people who use it will be barefoot. If affordable, it's a good idea to invest in the best decking lumber available.

Naturally resistant wood might be a good choice for you. Also, redwood reportedly does not splinter easily. I can't personally attest to this because it's not what my deck is made of.

Remember to reseal your wood every year. Some recommend doing this twice each year, or more.

As with many things, if you take care of your above ground swimming pool deck then it will take care of you.

Enjoy your pool!


Paul Ottaviano - How to Build Pool Decks

Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Guide: Don't Let Your Roses Bug You!

Our sister website has just released a new rose care guide on rose diseases and pest control titled "Don't Let Your Roses Bug You!".

Those of you who also have roses, or know someone who does, will find this rose care information valuable.

As always, enjoy your pool!


Paul Ottaviano - How to Build a Swimming Pool Deck

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How much does it cost to build a pool deck?

I got a good question last week from a reader named Terry who asked, "How much to have an above ground pool deck built? What are the best options in your opinion?"

My answer...

There are many good options to choose from if you're going to build a pool deck. What's best for you might not be best for others, and vice versa.

Also, a lot depends on the dimensions and dynamics of your backyard, and your local building codes too. So it's difficult to generalize without being able to see your backyard.

That said, what if you just have a basic need to build a pool deck?

For example, if your wife is insisting on one so you can see your kids swim without having to stand on your toes, then a wraparound deck on a floating foundation is the most common, generally regarded as the easiest to build, and might be the right deck for you.

We use the wraparound example in the step-by-step construction chapter of our eBook "How to Build a Pool Deck".

If you want to build a pool deck your friends will really admire and you're planning on having a lot of swim parties, then perhaps a multi-level deck is best for you. It all depends on your preferences and how you plan on using the deck.

As for costs, that depends on you and some choices you make. For instance, it depends on which lumber you choose, how big your deck will be, if you buy or rent tools, etc.

I know of some people who invested up to $20,000 building a deck, usually a multi-level deck, and some people who have spent much less.

It's really up to the individual builder and what you want out of the deck.

As always, enjoy your pool!

Best regards,

Paul Ottaviano - eBook "How to Build a Pool Deck"