Monday, February 22, 2010

Two-Piece Above Ground Pool Deck

I just saw an offer for a simple two-piece above ground pool deck over at Bizrate.

At first glance, it looks bland and it seemed a bit expensive for a small deck kit. That said, if your needs are simple - meaning you're less interested in design and more interested in basic function - something like this might work for you.

I've never stood on this type of deck, but it looks "sturdy enough" if you just want a pool deck that makes it easy to jump in your above ground pool. That said, it doesn't look that sturdy.

But it does look fairly easy to assemble and install. As always, do your homework and shop around before making a purchase.

My initial gut reaction to the deck was its lack of good looks and the price. But that's me. Perhaps a simple deck kit like this one is right for you.

Enjoy your pool!


Paul Ottaviano - How to Build an Above Ground Pool Deck