Monday, May 9, 2011

Pool Deck Stairs

This was the fifth email of the newsletter covering the basic difference between your pool deck stairs rise and run and what their typical measurements are. For some of you this information might be redundant, while others might be looking for basics.

All steps in a pool deck stairway must be the same height and depth. Otherwise, it will make your guests feel clumsy as they try to navigate an unbalanced stairway. And it could be a safety issue as well.

Here are some initial basics regarding deck stairs to help you get started in the right direction.

Rise and Run refer to the actual physical attributes of the stairs.

Rise: the height from one tread, or step, to the next.

Run: the depth of each tread, or step, from front to back.

Other terms you might use are "unit rise" and "unit run" referring to the measurements of one step. "Total rise" and "total run" refers to the total vertical and horizontal distance of the stairway.


A typical deck stairway should have a rise of 6" - 8" and a run of 10" - 12".

This will be the same formula regardless if you build a standard stairway or one with different dimensions for large group parties on your pool deck.



P.S. - In the free "How to Build a Pool Deck" eBook there are step-by-step construction basics of a whole pool deck, including stairs.

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